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  • Key Features to an Eye-Catching Website Design (Part 1)


    You want your software or tech website to provide crucial information to gain new clients, but the first thing that your website visitors see is the layout and design. If your design and layout looks unpleasant or hard to read, people won’t want to stay long. 

  • Creating Buyer Personas – Maximize your Marketing Efforts

    You know your business needs to reach those that are the most likely to buy your products or services. But, without defining your audience your marketing messages can be too general, and you can often wind up appealing to no one specifically. Soon, you wonder why you aren’t gaining much attention[...]

  • Top 3 Ways to Get the Most Out of Hootsuite

    Social media is important because it allows you to reach and interact with your audience (old and new) through posts and comments. However, being on multiple platforms and consistently posting can be overwhelming. Hootsuite is a great platform for tech, software, and SaaS businesses because it[...]

  • Sales vs Marketing — Ding! Sales Wins this Round!

    It’s not really a fight. But this marketer hasn’t stepped into the “sales ring” for over 20 years. So, why now?

  • Expanding Your Brand’s Reach with Social Media

    Is your business taking advantage of social media? Social media attracts new customers, creates a loyal community, and boosts your brand’s reach. At first, social media can seem like a big beast to conquer if you have never used it before. But I have some tips to help you get started using social[...]

  • 5 Social Media Tactics to Improve your Outreach

    Your business has decided to get serious about social media and focus on improving your outreach to your target audience. While social media is designed to be an accessible platform for all users, it can still be tricky to make it work towards your business’s advantage. Here are some tactics your[...]

  • Content is King — The Power of Consistent Content

    No doubt you established your website so that visitors can learn about your brand and the products or services that you want to sell. But in this hyper-competitive world, at the very least your website must demonstrate that:

  • Marketing — Knowledge Gaps

    As we start a new year it’s a great time to begin examining your marketing efforts.

    What are your plans to be successful this year? You might have a long list of plans for the new year. Or, you might be like most companies and just need to find ways to drive revenue. 

  • Value of Branding at ALL Customer Touchpoints

    We’re busy, sometimes it’s easy to forget that marketing and branding does not just take place with campaigns, email, and social media. It really should be considered with every single customer interaction from the very first impression to the last.

  • What are Marketing Operations?

    Marketing Operations covers the technology and platforms that allow an organization to communicate directly to its prospective customers.