Momentum Blog Post Countdown and our Favorites

Momentum Blog Post Countdown and our Favorites

The year of 2020 is coming to a close and 2021 is around the corner! We like to celebrate this year with a look back at some of our most popular and favorite posts of this past year. 

Our team has strived to put out helpful content and resources for our software, SaS, and technology B2B audience so that y’all can improve your marketing and sales enablement efforts. We know that marketing and sales strategies might be at the back of your mind or seem overwhelming, but with some guidance from CycleWerx Marketing, you can start to make the most of your marketing efforts.


Top CycleWerx Blog Posts of 2020

Here is a listing of the most visited posts of this past year. No doubt all of these can help you start 2021 with a bang!


3. The Top 8 Free Marketing Tools and Platforms to Effectively Execute your Marketing Strategy


The Top 8 Free Marketing Tools & Platforms to Effectively Execute your Marketing Strategy

Any successful marketing strategy needs the help of curated tools and platforms. You may think that this means you have to spend big bucks to get the best of the best; however, we have found and use some amazing marketing tools and platforms that are free or have a free version! 

Check out the top 8 free marketing tools and platforms your business needs so that your marketing strategy will improve. When your marketing improves, your sales will increase as new people are drawn to your business.


2. How to Make Every Sales Call Valuable — The Added Value Approach of Inbound Marketing


The Added Value Approach of Inbound Marketing

Speaking of sales, we believe that the inbound marketing approach will make every sales call valuable because it’s all about building trust with your customers. 

Our Business Development Representative, Spencer Muskopf, took HubSpot’s 8 week Pipeline Generation Bootcamp Course and wrote about his experience in this blog post. Spencer’s post will show you how to get your prospect’s attention, build trust, and complement your inbound marketing efforts.


1. Marketing Consistency


Marketing Consistency

Our top blog post this year is Marketing Consistency! Marketing Consistency is the key to being successful in your marketing efforts and will help you stand out from your competition. We cover the top areas that have the most effect on your marketing: 

  • Brand development
  • Repeatable processes
  • Marketing technology and platform proficiency
  • Content calendar
  • Time & Resources
  • Reporting

Check out the post today so in 2021 your marketing can be consistent and your results will improve!


CycleWerx's Team Favorite Blog

In addition, to the top blog posts, our team has some favorites we want to highlight. Here’s our team’s favorite blog posts:

Gabby's Favorite Blog

My favorite blog from this year was the Key Features to an Eye Catching Website Part 1 and Part 2. After learning from some HubSpot courses and what I saw when looking at other competitors’ sites, I discovered that websites should not only have great content, but also appeal to the eyes to make the content truly pop and resonate with your audience. Also, the creative side of me loved learning about these key design elements! 

Check out these blogs, so you can improve your website and discover the key elements every website should have.

Key Features to an Eye-Catching Website

Key Features to an Eye-Catching Website Part 2

Scotty's Favorite Blog

My favorite post of the year started with a presentation I did earlier in the year. I’ve come to realize many businesses struggle with where to focus their marketing efforts. I wanted to find a way to help. So I created a webinar presentation, which received positive feedback.

Over this year I realized that there was more that could be added to that. So, in working with Gabby, we used that presentation as a foundation, updated the content, and added a couple of additional items to create, 12 Marketing Tips for the New Year. We wound up with a post I am very proud of, and I recommend all businesses check out to get started with where to focus your marketing efforts. 

12 marketing Tips for the New Year


So there are some of our personal favorites and those that received the most traffic this year. Thank you for staying with us this past year. We’re eager to provide even more marketing knowledge this next year. And, please, if you or your company need help with marketing or sales enablement efforts, reach out to us, as we are happy to help!