12 Marketing Tips for the New Year

12 Marketing Tips for the New Year


What better way to shake off this past year than to commit to improving your marketing efforts for this next year? We here at CycleWerx want this next year to be amazing for all our businesses! So, we’ve compiled our top 12 tips to help you start the new year with a bang.

Follow these tips to improve your lead generation and make the most of your marketing resources.

1. Consistent Branding. Builds credibility, authority, and trust which will in turn increase your number of loyal customers. From the first interaction with your company, a prospect is developing an impression about your company, products, services, and the people that work there.

2. Make It Easy For Your Audience. Can your site visitors quickly and easily find information they seek within 10 seconds of landing and without scrolling? Ensure that your company phone number, contact info, key positioning statement, and key product/services info are all easy to find.

3. Use a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform. A CRM provides a centralized database across all your sales organization that allows you to easily manage all communications and prospect interactions. It can organize and segment your customers, automate data entry, create sales reports and forecasts, and so much more.

There are a lot of great CRM platforms out there, but our favorite is HubSpot’s CRM, which has versions for entrepreneurs and small businesses, all the way to very large enterprise organizations. CycleWerx is also a HubSpot Solution Provider with a team skilled at helping you get the most out of your HubSpot CRM.


4. Segment Your Audience. All companies are not the same. They have differences that make them unique including size, industry, their own specific audience, location, and more. Don’t treat them the same. Segment your audience to address their specific pain points and solve their problems. 


Segment Your Audience

Segment Your Audience


5. Use a Marketing Automation Platform. Manage your lead generation and marketing campaigns. A robust system, like HubSpot, will let you do bulk marketing email campaigns, use forms to capture leads, chat box solutions, list segmentation, integrate with your CRM, manage your blogs, create landing pages, and much more!

Learn more about marketing automations and their top 5 benefits in our blog post — “5 Benefits of Investing in a Marketing Automation Platform.” 


6. Use Email Marketing. Boost sales, build brand recognition, and build credibility by offering your targeted audience personalized content. This communication can increase site traffic and build your authority. Tip: Break through the email noise — email frequently and consistently.

7. Use a Social Media Management Platform. A tool, like HootSuite, can greatly improve your social media marketing by letting you schedule posts in advance, monitor multiple social channels from a single dashboard, and improve your analytics and reporting.

Tip: Social media is the new place to improve your sales! Learn more in our blog post — “Social Selling — How Social Media Can Improve Your Sales.” 


8. Focus on Your Audience. Your target audience should drive your content. Make sure that whatever content you put out specifically addresses your target audience and their needs — address specific pain points. Consider creating buyer personas to make sure your marketing efforts are focused correctly.

9. Create Replicable Processes. Improve your marketing efforts and maximize your marketing resources by finding ways to create repeatable and replicable processes. Use templates for your newsletters, use a branding guide, document all steps in creating a webinar program or landing page. Don’t reinvent the wheel for each campaign — iterate and tweak on existing programs to improve. 

10. Recycle Content. Struggling with constantly coming out with new content? Once you create a piece of content, you can replicate it in as many channels as you can. Turn that blog post into a video for social or create a more in depth, informative document that has its own landing page and form. Don’t necessarily restate the same things over and over again, but put a new twist to an older piece of content or topic. This will save you time and effort and give you more to share on your marketing platforms!

Recycle Content


11. Measure (marketing analytics and reporting). You need to be able to measure your marketing efforts to know what is working or not. Nearly everything in digital marketing can be measured. Either use a marketing automation platform or code your campaign URLs so they can be reported on via Google Analytics.

12. Create an Outbound Plan to Reach Your Target Audience. Your inbound marketing efforts should be complemented with a solid outbound sales enablement strategy. Ensure your entire sales team is on the same page by creating positioning statements for calls and sales templates (voice mail call scripts, email templates, video email scripts). Implement a plan for outbound that includes how you are going to reach your audience, how often, and often to follow up.

These 12 marketing tips can help you boost your marketing strategy — perfect to kick start this new year! Need help implementing any of these? Contact CycleWerx today!