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The Top 8 Free Marketing Tools & Platforms to Effectively Execute your Marketing Strategy

The Top 8 Free Marketing Tools & Platforms to Effectively Execute your Marketing Strategy


As a new and/or smaller business, marketing can be overwhelming and expensive with so many platforms to choose from. However, you can successfully implement your marketing strategies and campaigns with the availability of some amazing free marketing platforms. 

We love the platforms and tools we use at CycleWerx to execute our marketing campaigns. Many of the tools we use have free or starter versions that can help entrepreneurs and small businesses get started. Here are some of the free tools we recommend: 


1. Marketing Project Management

When working remote or in the office, assigning and keeping track of all your projects can be overwhelming. Don’t freak out! There are free marketing project management platforms to help you and your team stay on track and never forget a deadline. 

Asana is a professional- and enterprise-level project management platform with an amazingly robust free platform for smaller teams or businesses. It allows you to assign and assemble projects with your team and is an organizers dream! You can create folders for each big project, assign individual tasks for certain team members, and set up a calendar for campaigns. My favorite part is once you click a task complete, you get a fun rainbow unicorn icon to celebrate! It makes completing my tasks so much more satisfying. 



Marketing strategy is founded on organization because there are so many moving parts. Asana can help you and all your team stay organized and keep track of your marketing plans! Also, you can easily check up on how your fellow team members are doing with certain projects without having to constantly ask them if they are done. 


2. CRM and Marketing Automation

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Marketing Automation platform can help you connect and help your customers, get insight on marketing strategies, and gain more leads. They are of great value to any sized business.

HubSpot is another platform with extremely robust professional- and enterprise-level offerings. However, their free CRM software is crazy powerful! This platform can greatly improve your sales and marketing capabilities. And, for a very tiny monthly investment you can even move up to their Starter level with amazing benefits for small businesses.

HubSpot free CRM can help your sales team stay focused on targeting and communicating with your sales leads. You can create tasks and sales templates, so leads never fall through the crack. And sales managers can stay up-to-date on leads and deals. Management won’t have to guess how things are going, as you can collect actual data to determine if your current strategy works or needs to be changed. 

For your marketing team, HubSpot CRM can get your marketing communications efforts started. You can shape your marketing into an unstoppable machine, and therefore, help your sales team get more leads. Then, your customer service team can talk directly to customers in one place and keep track of all the conversations. This will help them provide great and timely service.

HubSpot CRM also allows you to: 

  • Create bulk marketing emails
  • Manage and organize your contacts
  • Create live chat boxes and bots for your website
  • Design amazing landing pages to attract new leads
  • Add forms to your site to capture new leads
  • Track your deals and leads

HubSpot CRM will make finding new customers and providing great services so much easier for everyone. Your marketers will have a solid platform to distribute your content, your sales team can better capture new leads, and your customer service can respond to all your customers questions and needs. 

HubSpot CRM has so many amazing features, but  it can be confusing and overwhelming. CycleWerx is a HubSpot Solution Provider, so let us help you navigate their CRM and Marketing Automation platform!

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