Top 3 Ways to Get the Most Out of Hootsuite

Top 3 Ways to Get the Most Out of Hootsuite

Social media is important because it allows you to reach and interact with your audience (old and new) through posts and comments. However, being on multiple platforms and consistently posting can be overwhelming. Hootsuite is a great platform for tech, software, and SaaS businesses because it makes handling social media smooth and stress free.

Hootsuite is a social media marketing and management dashboard tool. It helps you post to multiple social media platforms, gathers analytics about your social media presence, shows you the activity going on your accounts about your brand, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg to all the features Hootsuite has.

Don’t stress! Hootsuite can make your life so much easier. Here are the top three ways Hootsuite makes social media a tool indispensable to your success. 

Marketer's Checklist for HootSuite Free resource to improve your Social Media marketing using HootSuite

1. Planning out Social Media

Hootsuite allows you to plan and prep social posts on all your media platforms with a few easy clicks and selections in the Planner tab. No more are the days of logging into individual social media platforms to copy and paste each post. This will save you time as you prepare for special events such as a campaign launch for a new product. Also, Hootsuite allows you to view how your post will look on all the different platforms because no platform has the same look or picture dimensions. 

2. Talking to Your Audience

Hootsuite doesn’t just allow you to post, but it also helps you monitor platform activity via the Streams tab. You choose which media platforms to see and which order. If you find that your audience on Twitter is the most active, you can prioritize the stream by moving it to the top of your streams list, so that you can stay on top of the comments, shares, and likes that roll in. Also, you can easily communicate with customers via social media about upcoming product updates and help with any questions they might have once the product launches.

In “Expanding Your Brand’s Reach with Social Media,” we discussed the importance of building a loyal community and audience on your social media platforms. Hootsuite helps you do just that by making it easy to see people’s comments on all your posts, no matter the platform, so you can respond instantly instead of logging into your different accounts. 

3. Keeping up with Your Competition

In addition to seeing what your audience is saying on your social media, you can create streams that show you what your competition posts. To stand out as a business, you want to provide your audience with something new. Therefore, knowing what kind of content your competitors post will show you how you can stand out from them. 

Also, you can learn from what your competitors are doing right and what makes them successful. Maybe they post infographics that attract attention. Take that successful idea and put your own spin on it for your business and audience. 

Hootsuite is great because it allows you to plan your social media, talk to your audience, and keep up with your competition all in one program. Social media is ever-changing, so stay on top of what is happening without stressing out and feeling overwhelmed by all the different platforms. Follow these three ways to get the most of Hootsuite and you’ll soon wonder how you survived without Hootsuite. 

Marketer's Checklist for HootSuite Free resource to improve your Social Media marketing using HootSuite