5 Social Media Tactics to Improve your Outreach

5 Social Media Tactics to Improve your Outreach

Your business has decided to get serious about social media and focus on improving your outreach to your target audience. While social media is designed to be an accessible platform for all users, it can still be tricky to make it work towards your business’s advantage. Here are some tactics your business can employ to improve its social media outreach:

  1. Know what platforms your potential audience uses. Focusing on the social media channel that is most commonly used by your target audience enables you to reach your niche audience and grow your customer base. For example, if your target audience is foodies, it would be smart to direct more of your attention on social media to Instagram or Pinterest, rather than a site like LinkedIn. The goal is to find your niche’s community and target your social media to them. From there your post will be viewed, liked, and shared more frequently, increasing who sees your posts.
  2. Interact. By starting conversations online with your followers, or those you’ve noticed share your business’s interests, you’ll begin to build stronger audience relationships and a rapport with other community members. This rapport helps push your post out to people who may not have otherwise seen them, thereby increasing your outreach.
  3. Use eye-catching images. Posting an article with a poor image will decrease the views of the post. No matter who the audience is, your post’s photos will be the first thing to draw attention rather than the content of the post itself. Always use clear images with easy-to-read text so that your viewers do not become distracted. If you do not use pictures you or your company have taken for your articles, use a site that offers free images to ensure quality in your posts.
  4. Post regularly and often. By posting regularly you are more likely to develop a consistent audience. Note when your viewers are most active on social media so that you know when to schedule your posts to get the most views. Also, post more than once a week so that you are putting out content consistently. The more content you put out, the more people will see and share it. This helps to get your posts to those who might not normally see your content.
  5. Say something of merit. You shouldn’t just post for the sake of posting or your viewers will start to believe your posts are trivial and stop paying attention to them. By providing your audience with knowledge or insight, they are more likely to continue paying attention to what your posts have to say. So, post about what you know, about your business, and about your industry to show you’re an authoritative source on the subject.

By following the above steps, your social media outreach will begin to grow through your increased views, likes, and shares. While it may take time, it is important to establish a consistent Internet presence when it comes to getting more attention on social media.

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