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Key Features to an Eye-Catching Website Design (Part 1)

Key Features to an Eye-Catching Website Design (Part 1)


You want your software or tech website to provide crucial information to gain new clients, but the first thing that your website visitors see is the layout and design. If your design and layout looks unpleasant or hard to read, people won’t want to stay long. 

Therefore, you want to arrange your content in a way that invites your audience in, so they want to take the time to learn more about your company and the services you offer.

The key features you should have on your website to make it eye-catching are:

  1. White space
  2. Clear navigation bar
  3. Featured information through design
  4. Intentional color choices
  5. Motion in design 
  6. Variety of images (personal and stock)

1. White Space

You want to provide information to your audience, but too much can crowd your site and overwhelm website visitors. The chaos on the page will make them click out of your site. To combat this, use white space on all your website’s pages. You can create white space by:

  • Putting space between sections of content and images
  • Creating bigger left and right margins

Give your content space to breath so your audience can feel comfortable moving throughout your site, finding the information they need. 

Here are some websites that use white space effectively!

2. Clear Navigation Menu

Website visitors get frustrated when they cannot find what they are looking for on your website, so they leave. The main culprit is not making your main menu bar in your header visible with clearly defined sections. Here are some ways to make sure you do this.

  • Research what your audience is looking for and the words they might use. Show a group of people what words you’ve come up with for your home bar. Did they understand what would be under each section? 
  • Put only 1-4 subsections. A long list of subsections can be overwhelming so simplify and tackle the biggest, most important subsections for your audience
  • Have the main menu bar appear on all pages’ headers, so visitors can easily maneuver 
  • Use a font and background color that is easy to read

Your main navigation menu bar is the ultimate guide to your website, so let it do its best job helping your audience find what they need. Otherwise, they won’t want to stay long. 

3. Featured Information Through Design

You will want certain pieces of information to stand out to your audience, so they remember it. 

For example, your mission statement is key to your business, and is something you want your audience to remember. Instead of throwing your mission statement in a paragraph with other content, make it stand out by setting it into a colorful box or making the text bigger/ bolder. 

Pick and choose what information you think your audience wants or needs to remember about your business and make it pop on your website. 

Remember, your audience might be quickly scanning your site. Make the most crucial content stand out to the eye, so they see it on a quick scan. It might just entice them to come back and spend more time on your site!

Here are some examples: 

  • Microsoft - They highlight their COVID-19 response with a blue bar at the top of their website to make it stand out while it also goes with their color theme. Topical issues and concerns are always great to feature on your website and making your company's response visible to your audience is key!

Microsoft's home page with COVID-19 response

  • Google - They put their mission statement right at the top of their website with lots of white space to make it stand out. Also, their recognizable color scheme makes key words in the mission statement pop out. 

Google's home page with mission statement

Using white space, a clear navigation bar, and featured information through design will make your audience's experience much easier and memorable on your software or tech website, so they will stay longer and might become future clients.

These 3 features are just the beginning to a really eye-catching website! Part 2 with the next 3 features will be coming out next week so stay tuned.

If you want help implementing these features contact CycleWerx today!


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