Sales Enablement Services

Sales enablement is the discipline of providing your business’s sales team with the resources they need to close more deals. These resources may include content, tools, knowledge, and information to effectively sell your product or service to customers.

CycleWerx Marketing is skilled in working with companies like yours to help improve your sales — our success is your success. We offer sales enablement services in the following areas:

Sales Processes

A sales process is a set of repeatable steps a salesperson takes to move a prospect from awareness to a closed sale. CycleWerx Marketing can work with you and your team to develop, implement, and hone your sales processes. 

  • Company positioning statements
  • Sales call positioning statements and scripts
  • Sales scripts: email, voicemail, video email
  • Define your outbound lead generation process
  • Standardize all sales processes
  • Sales reporting and metrics
  • Standardized proposals and quotes
  • Lead qualification processes and lead scoring
  • Sales playbooks
  • LinkedIn Company Growth Program
  • Social Media Sales Engagement Programs
  • Sales Webinar Programs
Sales Processes
Sales Content

Sales Content

Sales content covers a wide range of content and collateral to help a salesperson move a prospect from initial awareness to a closed sale, and on to a satisfied customer. CycleWerx will work with you and your team to develop and craft the content your need to aid your sales process.

  • Sales presentations
  • Case studies
  • White papers
  • eBooks & guides
  • Product guides & brochures
  • Pricing and discount information
  • Competitive intelligence briefs
  • Lead magnets / content offers
  • Sales videos

Sales Technology

Sales technology covers Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms and other customer databases, along with any other technology that improves sales department efficiencies, standardizes the sales process, and improves sales reporting. 

CycleWerx Marketing is particularly skilled in sales technology and marketing technology. From auditing your existing technology, to recommending new sales technology, to implementation CycleWerx is your technology partner.

  • HubSpot CRM and Sales Hub Certified Solution Partner
  • Sales technology setup and migration
  • Sales technology Security policies — define and standardize across user roles
  • Sales technology consulting and recommendation
    • Social media tools and setup
    • Email research and collection tools
    • Video email software
    • Webinar software
Sales Technology
Sales Process and Technology Training

Sales Process and Technology Training

Implementing new processes and sales technologies can be challenging for all involved. CycleWerx Marketing works with you and your sales team to quickly get up to speed on your new processes and technologies. 

  • HubSpot CRM & Sales Hub training
  • Sales process training
  • Video email training
  • Remote sales presentations
  • Sales webinars