HubSpot Solution Partner and HubSpot Onboarding Services

CycleWerx is here to prepare your company for the road ahead, no matter where that might lead. As such, we have aligned ourselves with HubSpot, an industry leader in CRM and marketing automations.

HubSpot Solutions Partner Program

HubSpot Certified Solution Partner

CycleWerx is a Certified HubSpot Solution Partner. Being a HubSpot Partner is a commitment and it takes work, but the benefits we can pass on to our clients make it all worth it:

  • Advanced partner level sales training and bootcamps — deeper product and services training that we can use to grow your business via the HubSpot platform.
  • Partner level certifications and credentials — ongoing classes and training so our clients know we are current in all aspects of the HubSpot platform, inbound marketing, and best-in-class sales processes.
  • Access to a dedicated HubSpot Product Consultant and Account Manager — helps ensure our clients receive the very best support every step of their journey from HubSpot package selection, onboarding, and implementation, to growth strategy.
  • Dedicated technical and business support from HubSpot’s in-house team — access to a huge wealth of knowledge and support. Let’s say you have a tricky migration between a legacy platform and HubSpot. We have access to resources that can help quickly solve these challenges.
  • Notification of the latest HubSpot product updates — so we can pass on relevant information or help to implement changes to improve your ROI.
  • Partner onboarding — you have the option to waive HubSpot’s limited onboarding for a much more robust, hands-on onboarding and implementation service that can get you up to speed dramatically faster.

Onboarding Services for HubSpot

When moving to a robust platform like HubSpot, onboarding can be invaluable. HubSpot does offer their own onboarding services, and they are required when purchasing Pro or Enterprise packages through HubSpot direct.

HubSpot onboarding can provide technical and strategic guidance on setting up and using Marketing Hub and Sales Hub. They offer guidance.

You do instead have the option to waive HubSpot’s limited guidance onboarding offering and opt to have CycleWerx provide your ongoing experience. While we can provide a basic alternative that is slightly more hands-on than HubSpot’s offer. Most clients chose CycleWerx to provide a more robust onboarding experience that can:

  • Set up your HubSpot CRM and Marketing Automation platform for you and your team.
  • Work with your sales team to implement and set up relevant sales processes, meeting schedulers, automate lead assignment based on your criteria, create deal notifications, automated sales processes, and train your sales team on best practices.
  • Set up your marketing to convert and optimize lead capture, connect paid ad accounts, and train your marketing team on HubSpot. Or just set up all aspects so CycleWerx can remotely handle all your marketing efforts.
  • Combine with CycleWerx Starting Line Package for a turnkey solution to quickly jumpstart your marketing and sales efforts.
CycleWerx onboarding services

Starting Line Package

CycleWerx's Starting Line Package is a technology setup and onboarding program designed to get your company up and running on HubSpot and/or additional sales and marketing technology platforms. This allows you and your team to focus on your actual sales and marketing efforts and not on the tools needed to execute your programs.

This is a required one-time project fee, based on configuring and setting up the specific agreed upon sales and marketing software you choose.

The Starting Line Package includes taking care of items like:

CycleWerx Starting Line Package
  • Cleaning & importing contacts into CRM
  • Setting up and configuring various platform accounts
  • Managing project migration efforts on your behalf
  • Adding all team members
  • Managing passwords
  • Installing the HubSpot tracking code and filtering out your internal traffic
  • Making sure 3rd party app integration is installed and configured correctly
  • Setting and configuring any custom field properties
  • Configuring all platform settings
  • Configuring any contact segmentations
  • Configuring email types
  • Connecting all social accounts
  • WordPress and HubSpot integration
    • Installing and configuring integration
    • Adding Google Analytics/Tag Manager to WordPress Site
    • Blog setup and customization