CycleWerx Pricing Packages

Marketing is an endurance event that needs to be worked on consistently. The more mileage you can get in, the faster you can see results. Put your brand in motion and sign up for your race today!

Inbound Marketing Pricing Plans

Inbound digital marketing growth programs typically take about 6 months to demonstrate significant results. Our marketing programs are built on proven successful marketing processes to quickly demonstrate to your specific audience your authority, especially compared to your competitors.

Every company has different marketing needs and requires different marketing strategies. Below is a typical example of our monthly retainers:

Retainer Pricing

Pricing based on 6-month minimum retainer.

Sales & Marketing Foundation Starter

Sales & Marketing Foundation Starter



For small businesses with little current marketing or sales efforts, wanting to build a solid marketing and/or sales foundation and start down the road to success.
HubSpot Profile: HubSpot Starter Growth Suite — Sales, Marketing, CMS

Marketing or Sales Foundation

Marketing <b>or</b> Sales Foundation



For small- to medium-sized businesses in a marketing or sales growth mode ready to accelerate and become a real competitor in the marketing or sales race.
HubSpot Profile: Marketing Hub Professional or Sales Hub Professional.

Marketing and Sales Foundation

Marketing <b>and</b> Sales Foundation



For small- to medium-sized businesses in a marketing and sales growth mode ready to accelerate and become a real competitor in the marketing and sales race.
HubSpot Profile: Marketing Professional & Sales Professional
Package includes
Written Articles/Blog Posts and/or Video
2 media assets (max 1 article)
4 media assets (max 2 articles)
8 media assets (max 4 articles)
Email Newsletters
Social Media
1x a week
2x a week
4x a week
Static Website Page
Basic SEO Static Page content optimization
2 x quarter
4 x quarter
8 x quarter
Content Offer/Lead Magnet or Sales Collateral
1 x quarter
2 x quarter
Additional Newsletter Template Setup
1 x quarter
2 x quarter
Marketing Landing Pages
1-2 pages quarter
2-4 pages quarter
Additional features
Buyer Persona
Company Positioning Statement
Branding Guide
Social Media Company Pages Setup
Newsletter Template (1)
Monthly Traffic Reporting
Linkedin Growth Strategy
Content Calendar

Starting Line Package

CycleWerx's Starting Line Package is a technology setup and onboarding program designed to get your company up and running on the necessary marketing technology platforms. This allows you and your marketing team to focus on your actual marketing efforts and not on the tools needed to execute your marketing programs.

This is a required one-time project fee, based on configuring and setting up the specific agreed upon marketing software you choose (typically $1,500 - $3,000). 

The Starting Line Package includes taking care of items like:

  • Adding all team members
  • Managing passwords
  • Configuring all platform settings
  • Installing the HubSpot tracking code and filtering out your internal traffic
  • Adding Google Analytics/Tag Manager to Wordpress Site
  • Installing and configuring Wordpress - HubSpot integration
  • Making sure 3rd party app integration is installed and configured correctly
  • Cleaning & importing contacts into CRM
  • Setting and configuring any custom field properties
  • Configuring any contact segmentations
  • Configuring email types
  • Connecting all social accounts
  • Building and integrating needed site forms: Contact Us, Newsletter subscription, etc.
  • Creating any pop-ups or chat bots
  • Customizing and configuring WordPress/HubSpot CMS and blogs

Sprint Packages

Individual Campaigns or one-off projects. Pricing varies by project (typically $1,500 - $4,000). Wide variety of options available depending on your needs, with some examples including:

  • Webinars
  • LinkedIn Company Engagement Growth Package
  • In-person small- to mid-size events
  • Landing pages
  • Micro-sites
  • Business with many subsidiaries social media setup/platform migration and user management processes & policies

Marketing Operations & Marketing Technology Consulting

Deep experience solving marketing technology challenges for mid- to large-size B2B businesses. Consulting package pricing varies based on challenge faced and company size. Minimum engagement fee of $8,000.

  • Marketing technology platform audit and/or review
  • Marketing technology stack optimization
  • How can existing marketing technology stack be optimized or made more efficient?
  • How can marketing department and sales improve communication, processes, and efficiencies with proper technology platforms? 
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