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  • Marketing Tips for a Profitable Year


    Start your year off right with a plan to succeed! We here at CycleWerx Marketing want this next year to be amazing for all our clients! We’ve compiled 10 tips to help you kickstart your marketing efforts for the new year.

  • What the Heck is Marketing Up To? The Value of Internal Communication


    Internal communication should be a key part of a marketer’s duties.

    How much you and the rest of the marketing team decide to share internally has the potential to impact your job and the rest of the company’s perception of you as well as the rest of your marketing team.

  • How To Boost Your Social Media Presence


    Like. Comment. Share.

    It’s that easy.

  • 3 Ways to Improve your Professional Organization's Marketing Efforts


    While CycleWerx is focused on marketing for B2B companies, as its founder I am also part of other professional organizations, including Toastmasters. As the VP of PR for my local Toastmasters club I am challenged with marketing our club to our community. Other professional organizations often ask[...]

  • Improve Audience Engagement via LinkedIn


    For companies in the B2B space LinkedIn is most likely an integral part of your marketing efforts. And, of course it is. This is where your audience is: prospects, current customers, employees, and your industry's community.

  • Social Selling — How Social Media Can Improve Your Sales


    Still only using phone calls to make a sale for your B2B business? You probably aren’t seeing great results, but don’t worry, we have something that can help increase your sales dramatically. In the past few years, social media has played a huge part in closing sales for B2B businesses. 

  • Drive Lead Generation with Content Offers

    What is one the thing all businesses want more of? Leads!

    How cool would it be if potential prospects came and let us know they had some level of interest in our product or service? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all we had to do to get new business was to hang our Web shingle out and wait for the[...]

  • Top 3 Ways to Get the Most Out of Hootsuite

    Social media is important because it allows you to reach and interact with your audience (old and new) through posts and comments. However, being on multiple platforms and consistently posting can be overwhelming. Hootsuite is a great platform for tech, software, and SaaS businesses because it[...]

  • Expanding Your Brand’s Reach with Social Media

    Is your business taking advantage of social media? Social media attracts new customers, creates a loyal community, and boosts your brand’s reach. At first, social media can seem like a big beast to conquer if you have never used it before. But I have some tips to help you get started using social[...]

  • 5 Social Media Tactics to Improve your Outreach

    Your business has decided to get serious about social media and focus on improving your outreach to your target audience. While social media is designed to be an accessible platform for all users, it can still be tricky to make it work towards your business’s advantage. Here are some tactics your[...]